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Re: Another shooting in Peoria.
posted: 2 hrs, 2 mins ago by tntrecycling
"Yet if a officer were to stop one and search them it would be profiling and someone wouldn't be happy...."
Re: Watching the news and heard that Sophia's Kitchen is experie
posted: 2 hrs, 4 mins ago by tntrecycling
"Thank you, Jamie. Yes, PeoriaCares @ RambleOn : Yes they do care. Was at Kroger's dumpster this week and over 50 loaves of bread was in it. These were not something you could get for the trash on them. I know some of this is picked up before it goes into the dumpster...."
Re: Gunshot round fired into anUplands home
posted: 2 hrs, 15 mins ago by tntrecycling
"@Ply1958 : I know of some who live on N. Elmwood Avenue in Peoria They have had shootings by their home as well. Yes the Main street intersection is a joke as well. Has cause the traffic to run wild up and down the streets there...."
Re: "Free" Irritates me sometimes
posted: 2 hrs, 26 mins ago by tntrecycling
"@joepyeweed : First words in the first paragraph. "Generally no." So this means that on occasion ones are taken care of. It also states that...…….. Undocumented immigrants may be eligible for a handful of benefits that are deemed necessary to protect life or guarantee safety in dire situations, such as emergency Medicaid, access to treatment in hospital emergency rooms, or access to healthcare and nutrition programs under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children..."
Watching the news and heard that Sophia's Kitchen is experienci
posted: 5 hrs ago by RambleOn
"Watching the news and heard that Sophia's Kitchen is experiencing a bread shortage. They aren't the only one. We started the day with not one loaf of sliced bread. Heart of Illinois Harvest didn't have any either. Representatives from City of Peoria were there today, encouraging guests to fill out the Consolidated Plan survey. Pastor Holly went to the waiting area to let our guests know that we had no sliced bread. It warms my heart to let the neighborhood know that Jamie Shilevinatz, a Code Inspector, left..."
Re: "Free" Irritates me sometimes
posted: 5 hrs ago by joepyeweed
"https://immigrationforum. org/article/fact-sheet-im migrants-and-public-benef its/..."

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